Funny Girls Creative Director - Phil Holmes
As Creative Director, responsible for producing and developing all aspects of Funny Girls shows from initial concept to scenic design, stage logistics, running order, lighting, sound, music and special effects.
Funny Girls exploded onto the Blackpool entertainment scene back in July 1994 and little did anyone realise what a phenomenal success this unique entertainment venture would become.

Blackpool is synonymous with great live entertainment and Funny Girls has been a must visit experience since the very first night it opened. Funny Girls has firmly established itself as an iconic attraction in its own right and a destination venue that brings thousands of visitors from all over the UK and beyond to enjoy this entertainment extravaganza.

The award-winning format of Funny Girls is a unique entertainment experience. with the stage above and behind the main bar. The opening routine explodes on stage at 8.30pm, followed by numerous routines throughout the night, culminating in an extravagant finale at 11.00pm. Hostess and DJ Zoe, entertains the audience inbetween routines, with jokes and requests.

Practical production executive, Music Director, Executive Producer and Stage Manager for the shows
  • Produced a new show for each season, 3 per year while developing all aspects of the show including concept, scenic design, stage logistics, running order, lighting, sound, music and special effects
  • Creative and artistic theming of each show including direct responsibility for stage sets, costumes, wigs, cast and crew; liaising closely with the choreographer, costumiers, carpenters, set painters, and wig designers accordingly
  • Liaised with an internal PR consultant to create high profile local, regional and national PR campaigns
  • Organise VIP evenings, celebration and charity events, press nights, new show opening launch nights.
  • Marketing and advertising activities, including digital, with appropriate PR
  • Producing and managing the website design, content management and creativity; creating bespoke areas and liaising with external web developers
  • Managing social media activities and opportunities including Trip Advisor, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram