Content management

Content Management

Content Management Systems allow you to maintain the content of your website yourself.

Content Management

A content management system, also known as CMS, is software that provides the building blocks to allow the end user to edit, publish and perform maintenance to their website.

In today’s competitive online market, up-to-date information is important to your business’ success and credibility. CMS is quick, and updates are seen immediately.

Content Management

A key advantage of CMS is that the design of your site is protected while giving enough freedom to edit certain areas of the website. Therefore, the ‘look and feel’ of your site is protected, guaranteeing standardisation across the site.

Updating your site often makes it search engine friendly – search engine spiders visit frequently updated sites regularly, and search engines value “fresh” content.

It is obvious that the implementation of CMS is ideal for websites. Web Content Management combines the convenience of ease-of-use along with the professionalism of clean web design, and up-to-date information on your website.

How does it work?

Content Management Systems allow you to maintain the content of your website yourself. You use your usual browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.) to log into your website and off you go editing, adding, deleting your content, uploading images, videos, etc. If you can find your way around a program like Microsoft Word, you can do this too.


  • Rapid creation and delivery of digital content
  • Enhanced online presence, user experience, and engagement
  • Greater control and management of web content and digital assets

Two of the most popular CMS software applications are Joomla and Wordpress

Content Management

What is wordpress?

WordPress is an open-source software program that runs on the internet providing website administrators with the ability to make quick and easy updates to their web content. WordPress is typically installed within minutes.

Website administrators can log in to their website via a web browser at any time and perform regular website updates, such as text and image additions (or revisions), software updates, and even modifications to things like meta content that help with search engine optimization.

As developers around the globe are continually improving upon WordPress, users enjoy regular core and plugin updates that add new functionality and address things like ever-evolving security requirements. Additionally, like most open source content management systems, there are countless plugins available for WordPress that can be highly customized to suit a specific need for just about any website.


What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open source platform on which Web sites and applications can be created. It is a content management system (CMS) which connects your site to a MySQLi, MySQL, or PostgreSQL database in order to make content management and delivery easier on both the site manager and visitor.

Joomla’s primary focus has been on usability and extensibility since its initial release in 2005. It is because of this that the project has been the recipient of numerous awards, including being a three-time recipient of the PACKT Open Source Content Management System Award.

It is important to think of Joomla not as a limited platform on which a specific type of site is built, but a robust set of tools that makes it possible to connect visitors to data in a variety of ways. Joomla’s extensive set of integrated technologies empowers site managers and developers to innovate well beyond the bounds of a simple website.

Joomla is useful for a wide range of different site types and styles. In addition to being the largest Web software platform for government organizations around the world, it is utilized heavily for education, media, corporate, e-commerce, and even personal websites and blogs. It is extremely versatile.

One of its primary strengths is its usability.

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